Beocarta Ltd

West Dunbartonshire
Bioenergy & Biofuels
Contract Research

Since 1985, beòcarta has worked on bioprocesses on industrial sites and in modern laboratories, seeking new solutions for old problems: how to make biomanufacturing more efficient and how to grow good science out of the laboratory and into a viable bio-economy.Among the bio-products successfully upscaled are vitamins enzymes and recombinant proteins, antibiotics and novel bioactives, amino acids, clavulanic acid and other enzyme inhibitors, microbial pigments and exopolysaccharides. Apart from many Streptomycetes, beòcarta has worked on bacteria, conventional and unconvential yeasts, fungi and animal cell cultures. Recent work in biofuels and bioenergy has focuse don maximizing ethanol production efficiency from corn starch and other inputs.


David Mousdale, Managing Director

Registered office; 76 Dumbarton Road
G81 1UG.

T: +44 (0)7510 297388